Why You Should Consider Building Inspections in Christchurch

Building inspections Christchurch

Building inspections in Christchurch New Zealand are carried out by the Conservation Department. The purpose of these building inspections is to ensure that you do not damage or destroy the buildings you are in, and also to make sure they are up to current safety standards. An inspection will tell you whether the building is up to the required safety standard, as well as giving you advice on what you can do to improve the building. An inspection isn’t 100% foolproof though, and in some cases the building may still be dangerous, so you should carry out other actions as well. This link: https://www.bettainspectit.co.nz/building-reports/home-inspection-christchurch/


There are many reasons why you might want a building inspection. Perhaps you’re buying a property and want to find out whether the seller’s documentation is up to date, or whether there are any potential safety defects. You may want to buy or rent some commercial buildings, where it’s important to know how old they are, and whether they’ve been previously inspected. You might also need a building inspection if you are planning to re-sell your property, as some sellers won’t let you take a building through their property if it hasn’t been inspected. In this case, you can usually request an inspection report on the properties you’re interested in and then carry out a survey to find out more.


If you’re buying a property, or just buying a flat for that matter, and you want to know whether it’s been inspected, you can ask the owner for details. Most landlords will happily give you information on whether or not their buildings have been inspected and will even provide you with a copy of the report. You should always make sure though, that you actually do get a copy, as you never know when a fraudster might make a fake version and pass it off as the real thing. Inspections aren’t usually covered by building insurance, but it’s usually worth getting buildings declared to protect yourself in case something unexpected does happen. You should however make sure that your landlord is fully covered for any inspection costs that you may incur.

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