What Is Business Fibre 400?

What is Business Fibre 400?

Business Fibre 400 FTG is one of the most popular and reliable fibre optic networking solutions available today. It is also considered to be the best option for business computer network needs and one of the best values in the market. In fact, it offers a full range of solutions for businesses, both small and large. It can manage your network requirements with the latest technology available, using a high-speed optic fibre optic link. The network supports fast data transmissions, ensuring that you can access information quickly.


This solution uses 100% optical fibres, providing you with high-speed connectivity. With a high-speed optical fibre link, you will enjoy several benefits. First, it has a better bandwidth capacity, allowing you to transfer large files easily. Second, it is not vulnerable to electromagnetic interference, thus ensuring that your network does not become vulnerable to potential security threats.


In addition to these benefits, Business Fibre 400 offers two other features which are useful for large and expanding companies. First, it enables you to create Local Area Networks (LANs) within a short distance, significantly reducing the amount of time required for network maintenance. Second, it enables secure VPN connectivity so you can connect your data network to remote locations. It also comes with enhanced VoIP functionality and complete protection against external threats, including malicious attacks and unauthorized access. To find out more about Fibre to the Floor (BFE), visit the Internet and contact a qualified professional today.

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