Things to Keep in Mind When You Buy Sand Bags For Use at Summer Camp

There is a good reason why they call it the Do-It-Yourself Summer Camp – because it’s easy to do and anyone can buy sand bags for use at any campground. Sand bags are also handy to have in case someone gets hurt during a wild game of Dodge ball or lacrosse. It is especially handy to have if the game takes place in the sun, since the sweat helps to cool people down. If you decide to buy sand bags, there are several things to keep in mind before you set out.


First, make sure that you buy a strong, durable sand bag made from some sort of waterproof material. Check the label on the bag to be sure that it says UV stabilization. This means that the bag will stay cool even in the sun, which will help to keep the equipment from fading over time. Remember that your goal is to buy enough bags to bring along and use throughout the summer, so don’t try to fill up your trunk with sand and hope that it holds up throughout the summer.


Next, check with the campground for their regulations. Some campgrounds do not allow the buying and using of sand bags. Others may allow them, but will charge you an extra fee. You may also find that there are restrictions on the size of the bags you can carry. These are all things to consider when you buy sand bags for use at summer camps. Before you buy, you should also make sure that the equipment matches the bag you want to buy.

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