Drug Rehabs in Charleston, South Carolina

Drug rehabs in Charleston, South Carolina can provide you with the tools you need to live a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. Treatment facilities can range in cost, depending on the amenities you choose. Some centers specialize in short-term residential treatment programs, while others are focused on long-term treatment. You may want to start with a detoxification program, which is designed to help you get clean and sober.

What are the 4 levels of the addiction process?

Alcohol and drug addiction are both serious issues, and have serious impacts on your physical health. Luckily, there are a number of effective alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers in Charleston.

Rehabs in charleston sc Harbor Moon Recovery offers two residential programs in Charleston. The Recovery Immersion Program is structured and includes life skills training, academic assistance, and vocational assistance. In addition, it provides patients with professional counseling and a recovery management plan.

Coastal Recovery Center operates a halfway house and a sober living home. They offer 30-day and 90-day inpatient and outpatient programs. Patients can also attend school full-time and work.

The Medical University of South Carolina offers treatment for adults and adolescents. They offer biomarker screenings, an intervention program, and education. It also provides evaluations for physicians and professionals.

A case manager coordinates treatment and keeps you connected to the rest of your treatment team. A 12-Step meeting is often held as a follow-up. Other therapies might include yoga, music, or creative art. These therapies can be fun and can help you gain confidence.

Most centers in Charleston accept private insurance and Medicare / Medicad. Contact your insurer to see if they cover substance abuse treatment. There are also many low-cost recovery services, such as medical detoxification, IOP programs, PHP programs, and relapse prevention therapy.

Lantana Recovery Outpatient Rehab
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