Check Latest IPO GMP

IPO GMP stands for IPO Grey Market Premium. This is the price that the grey market operators are willing to pay for a particular stock. The grey market, also known as “grey market,” is an informal setup where traders buy and sell stocks without the benefit of a formal stock exchange. The IPO GMP is a crucial indicator of future listing prices. While it is difficult to predict which companies will do well, the GMP of many upcoming IPOs has been an excellent indicator of where the company’s stock will eventually trade. Click here –

Check Latest IPO GMP The Right Way

IPO GMP will show if the IPO is performing well. If it is performing well, investors can buy its shares for as little as Rs 575. The IPO GMP is a good indicator of how much a company can increase its listing price. The premium should be between two and four times the IPO’s price. This is a signal that the company’s shares are expected to outperform their issue price and perform well in the IPO.

The IPO Grey Market Premium rate is known to be a bit higher for some IPOs than others. According to market intelligence, the IPO GMP rate can range from 13% to 2% of the IPO’s price. In a recent case, the Grey Market Premium rate for the Rolex Rings IPO was calculated to be approximately Rs 880 to 900 per share, with a face value of Rs 10 per share. Chanakyanipothi, a renowned Indian stockbroker, calculated the Grey Marker Premium for the Rolex Rings ICO on day three.

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