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Dental Marketing & SEO Consultant, founded by Zara Basiri – Zara Basiri – SEO Dentistry and online marketing consultant based in California, is one of the leading consultancies focusing on providing a variety of services to dental professionals. SEO refers to search engine optimization and dental marketing involves strategies for promoting your website through effective internet marketing, pay per click advertising and other methods of generating traffic. Both are important for the success of any dental practice and it is essential to understand your competition both from a marketer’s point of view and from the dental practitioner’s point of view. Dental marketing & SEO Consultant provide dentists with the tools necessary to not only create a marketable image but also help dentists to increase their patients and revenues. In fact the dental marketing consultants’ internet marketing strategies can help dentists reach more patients and ultimately help to increase their profits.

Dental Marketing & SEO Consultant

Effective online marketing through SEO practices can help dentists build a strong presence on the web which will then lead to increased revenue. An effective dental marketing program consists of search engine optimization techniques, paid inclusion in various directories such as Yahoo!, Google Places, Bing & more. In addition, search engine marketing offers various tools to help your dental practice draw visitors. Some of these tools include banner ads, text links, video sharing, blog creation, video publishing and more. If you need additional assistance in the area of online dental marketing, contact Zara Basiri Dental Marketing & SEO Consultant for additional information. Her team of marketing specialists can help you achieve higher visibility in the search engines, while helping you generate more revenues from your practice.

Zara Basiri – an SEO and internet marketing consultant based in California, provides a variety of services to dental professionals. Her SEO consulting work helps dentists increase their clientele. In addition, SEO services help dentists to improve the number of visitors to their website as well as improve their search engine placement. SEO Consultant offers several packages designed to meet the needs of all dental marketing and management firms. To get started with SEO consulting, contact Zara Basiri Dental Marketing & SEO Consultant for more information. With several years of experience in providing search engine optimization services, Zara Basiri has helped thousands of dentists gain more website traffic and boost their profits.

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