Tips to Finding the Best Illustrative Tattoo DesignsTips to Finding the Best Illustrative Tattoo Designs

Illustrative tattoos often take inspiration from real life images as well as traditionalism and cartoons. They can be simply black or full of color, and usually employ solid black lines, much like real tattoos. The secret to an attractive illustrative tattoo, however, is that it maintains a certain drawn, cartoonish feel, instead of being totally shaded to appear photo-realistic. This makes for a unique tattoo that many people enjoy having. Here are some ideas you might consider:

The Most Popular Tattoo Styles

Diamond Illustrative Tattoo: One of the most popular tattoo styles, this tattoo style takes inspiration from popular cartoon shows like Disney’s Mickey Mouse. In many cases, a simple diamond shape is used to draw the outline of the tattoo, but you can also add other elements to the drawing to make it look like something out of a cartoon. For example, you could draw a bow or some other element onto the design to give it a more 3 dimensional look. If you do this, however, you should keep in mind that a drawing of this kind will look very small once it is tattooed onto your body.

Animal Illustrations: Some people enjoy having animal drawings as part of their tattoo. These can take the form of a lion, horse, cat, frog, or any other number of different animals. A good illustrator will be able to create an image that looks realistic while still remaining enjoyable for the wearer. You should do plenty of research on the illustrative style you are considering, both to find out what other people think of his or her work, and to find out how experienced the tattoo artist is.

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