Book Review – Sobha Attibele

Sobha Attibele” is an autobiographic novel written by Israeli writer, Sobha Attabele. It was released in May, 2021 and is gaining popularity in Israel and the United Kingdom. The main character in this novel is Attibele, a young woman who arrives in London as a Jew from Cyprus. She has an aunt that is a well-known singer and her brother has a band as well. As a result, Attibele’s path is strewn with detours as she tries to find her destiny and her true path to fame and fortune.

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We travel through many different settings, both in personal and in the surroundings of the characters. At one point, we meet Attibele’s Uncle Yossi, who tries to help her during a difficult time in her life. In another scene, we see Attibele struggling with a group of women in a dance club. All this is combined with a fast-paced plot, which constantly pulls the reader forward, often to unexpected and even life saving moments.

The main theme of the book is the power of friendship in overcoming obstacles and in succeeding in the most important thing in life: your future. The book ends with a bang, when Attibele finally achieves her dream of appearing on national television. The beauty of the novel lies in the fact that Attibele is a survivor and that in the end she is able to continue on her own path to success. The views expressed about women in the society and in particular about Jewish women are very interesting and this book will keep the readers interested from start to finish.

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